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An urgent alert from the US Section of the 
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

Alert Banner
You're invited 
Santa Cruz Branch Hosting California Cluster Meeting on November 16

(And Governor Newsom signed the Public Banking Law!)
Please join us at the November California Cluster Meeting!  We have lots to talk about -- it's been a while since the last Cluster Meeting.  
We invite all California WILPFers -- at-large members and branch members -- to join us at this statewide Cluster Meeting! If you're in a branch, please share this information with your branch members, as well as at-large members in your area.
Learn about California and National Issues
This Cluster meeting, in the tradition of the periodic previous "Northern California Cluster" meetings, allows updates, discussion, and state-wide planning on a variety of topics. The tentative agenda includ…

AB 857 Clears Second Hurdle in Senate!

VICTORY! On Wednesday, AB 857 passed the Senate Governance committee. Our grassroots coalition went up against the most powerful industry on the planet and won our sixth round in California vs. Wall Street! 

Working with our bill authors Assemblymembers David Chiu and Miguel Santiago, we successfully negotiated a solution to the referendum amendment: charter cities will not be required to do a voter referendum!

The hearing was a clear victory for AB 857.

We thank Senator Mike McGuire for supporting the Public Banking Act, and a very big thank you to our Legislative and Outreach team, and our statewide network of supporters and allied organizations for your contribution to this win.

Grassroots people power has now moved AB 857 through three committees in the Assembly, the entire Assembly floor and two Senate committees!…

LISTEN TO THE WILPF "Good News Santa Cruz" Program on 90.7 FM

The show is broadcast at 3:30pm on Thursdays for 30 minutes.  You can also access the archives and listen at other times convenient for you.
Nancy Glock-Grueneich and Randa Solick was interviewed by Christine Barrington about WILPF's history and multi-faceted work for peace and justice. They includes the role of Jane Addams, the uniqueness of this oldest women's peace organization and how it works locally, nationally and internationally, "and a few stories".  

Dr. Ann Lopez of the Center for Farmworker Families was interviewed by Randa Solick on 6/20, the second program. Ann is a terrific force for good in our county.

How did this program come to be?

Long time WILPFer David Sweet, inspired by the recent WILPF/RCNV event on the Green New Deal idea, requested of Santa Cruz WILPF that it spo…

https://panetta.house.gov/contact/email  or Eshoo.house.gov/contact/

This week, mid-June, 2019, please email our U.S. Representatives Jimmy Panetta or Anna Eshoo at the above addresses to ask them to:

·  SUPPORT! Rep. Jackie Speier's (and others') Defund the Trans Ban: This amendment prevents the Pentagon from spending money to implement the hateful trans ban in the military.

·  SUPPORT! Rep. Ted Lieu's Defund Trump's Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates: This amendment blocks Trump's egregious action to bypass Congress and sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates despite their ongoing war crimes in Yemen and human rights abuses at home and abroad.

·  OPPOSE! Reps. Gary Palmer and Jeff Duncan's Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement: This amendment would prevent efforts by progressives to undo Trump's despicable withdr…


AB 857 creates a pathway for cities, counties, and regions to set up their own public banks. Authored by Assemblymembers David Chiu (SF) and Miguel Santiago (LA), this 2019 session bill enables the Department of Business Oversight to issue state banking charters to local government agencies. AB 857 defines public banks as banks that are wholly-owned by a local government, or a group of local governments. AB 857 does not create a bank; rather, it creates a pathway for cities, counties, and regions to form their own banks.

AB 857 public banks are safer than the alternative.
AB 857 public banks will face increased oversight compared to a local government's current bank options because public banks will be regulated by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the California Department of Business Oversight (DBO).

AB 857 public …
We are so sorry to report that our dear Sherry Conable has left us.  Her body was found on Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz on Monday morning.  There is no information yet on how this happened.  Sherry was an indefatigable local activist for peace.  She will be terribly missed. Her iconic photo was appropriately featured on the cover of our recently published book about the many long-term activists here. Our hearts are broken.



International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons is awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize!



The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) is thrilled that the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) has been awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize in recognition of our role to achieve the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. WILPF, as an active member of the International Steering Group, worked as part of this …


In late September, 2017 our branch held a well-attended new member program featuring reports back from the Congress. D. Nunes showed the WILPF celebratory video from the WILPF Congress to enthusiastic response. Nancy G.G., presented a 15 minute portion of my Congress workshops for them which nicely pinned down the first show of the eight in the upcoming community TV series, "Change the Story, Change the Future"

In the workshops presented at Congress, Nancy examined five assumptions, rarely acknowledged but widely accepted, that disable our political efforts. Asserting that that all five are in fact "myths," we showed how, for example the first of them is in fact false, relying substantially on Paul Hawken's recent book, Drawdown, and on Pat O'Brien's PPT showing related internet research. These sources show that it is within our power to not only mitigate cl…

As part of our May 21, 2017 program, WILPF presented information
about Pubilc Banks as one of the ways we can create a people-centered
community.  Here is a link to the slideshow that was presented then:
Public Banks Slideshow


Your Guide to the Sprawling New Anti-Trump Resistance Movement

Offering a ray of hope in these dark and troubling times, hundreds of resistance groups are spontaneously springing up across the country and even overseas.  From "Knock On Every Door" to "Impeach Trump Now" there's a group out there for you.  Contributor Joshua Holland of The Nation tries to sort them all out in one amazing report:


  1. Here is the WILPF 100th Anniversary Manifesto, adopted in the Hague, Netherlands in April, 2015.  It is an inspirational statement that deserves to be read and acted on by us all. The Vision states: 

    "We seize this centenary moment to reaffirm the principles and purposes of our founders, as relevant today as ever they were; to set out our current concerns and tasks; and to foresee the challenges ahead in the century to come."

Santa Cruz Mayor Don Lane presents his proclamation to former Mayor & Santa Cruz WILPF member Celia Scott.  It declares April 28, 2015 to be WILPF (Women's International League for Peace & Freedom) Day. It was presented at the Opening of the "Women, Peace & Power -- 100 years" exhibit at the downtown main library. See complete text of proclamation below. Mayor Don also made some additional, more personal, congratulatory remarks.



1.      Whereas, on April 28, 1915, approximately fifteen hundred women from a dozen countries both ne…

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