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International WILPF President, Kozue Akibayashi will visit Santa Cruz and San Jose on Sept. 27-28, 2016, after attending the World Beyond War Conference in D.C.  Please join us to welcome Kozue to the Central Coast!

The Santa Cruz branch will host Kozue for lunch at the beautiful Chaminade Resort on Sept. 28, at noon.  Later that day she wi…
If you plan to join us for either of the events during the WILPF President's visit, here are more details.

Directions to Chaminade 
   1 Chaminade Ln, Santa Cruz,  (831) 475-5600

Take the  Soquel exit on Hwy 1 (between Morrissey and 41st), toward the mountains.  From Soquel Drive, turn onto Paul Sweet Road, go past Dominican Hospital and …

Serve & Learn:  Here are some opportunities to work for peace and justice alongside some of the most committed women in Santa Cruz County and to learn new skills in the process.  

1) Attend meetings of the decision making body of WILPF Santa Cruz, the Branch Council, on the 3rd Saturday each month, 9:30-11:30am.

2) Join committee meetings…

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August 2, 2016

In this issue, focus is on defeating the TPP, election irregularities,
and fracking, and on looking ahead to the World Beyond War conference,
abolishing nuclear weapons, the International Monsanto Tribunal, an…

WILPF's 100 Year Anniversary

WILPF was founded 100 Years ago in April, 2015.  To celebrate this anniversary, we at Santa Cruz WILPF put together an exhibit highlighting many of the women in Santa Cruz County who are long-time activists.  It was displayed at the downtown Santa Cruz Library for 3 months.

You can see the exhibit slide show with …
  1. Here is the WILPF 100th Anniversary Manifesto, adopted in the Hague, Netherlands in April, 2015.  It is an inspirational statement that deserves to be read and acted on by us all. The Vision states: 

    "We seize this centenary moment to reaffirm the principles and purposes of our founders, as relevant today as ever they were; to set out our…

Santa Cruz Mayor Don Lane presents his proclamation to former Mayor & Santa Cruz WILPF member Celia Scott.  It declares April 28, 2015 to be WILPF (Women's International League for Peace & Freedom) Day. It was presented at the Opening of the …

There is a technique in communication to keep the dialogue going. It is called "Yes... and." You acknowledge what the other person is saying and add something, which either extrapolates on what has been said or gives information that may add facts to be considered, even may then contradict what the first person stated. However, you don't…
The theme on the second day of Congress could be called Communication. The busy program called for reviews of WILPF's finances, proposal for organizational changes, proposal for changes to the Constitution and the bay-laws, a new Manifesto and a discussion on draft resolution. 
So a lot had to be communicated and the room at the Peace Pala…
Dear All,

I just returned from the first day of Congress in The Hague. Here are my impressions. Jane Doyle can probably get you pictures later.

A colorful room at the Peace Palace displayed bouquets of yellow and red flowers and the people from all of the world brightened up the room even more. The women from the DRC were dressed in ye…
Dear WILPF Members,

Did you sign up to receive SCPEL mailings such as this one (as suggested to our members)? If not, see what you are missing below. If you want to sign up, you still can through the link at the bottom of the email.  Marcia Heath, WILPF Santa Cruz Chair

What is TPP? 
Attempts are underway to fast-track secret trade nego…

Eight enthusiastic WILPFers took the train to Chicago in March, 2015, and attended the celebration of women Nobel Peace Prize winners at Hull House on March 16th, along with a life sized replica of Jane Addams, WILPF co-founder.
Check it out on


and here's the article about it from the National WILPF e-news…
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